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Assistant Director Processing PPSC Past Paper 2022, BS(14)

SECP is the regulatory authority of______.

  1. Stock Market
  2. Import and Export
  3. Media Business
  4. All of these

The Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan is the financial regulatory agency in Pakistan whose objective is to develop a modern and efficient corporate sector and a capital market based on sound authority principles, in order to encourage investment and foster economic growth and prosperity in Pakistan.

Where was the lowest temperature on Earth recorded?

  1. 88.2 °C
  2. 89.2 °C
  3. 90.2 °C
  4. None of these

 The world record for low temperature was set at Vostok Station, Antarctica, on 21 July 1983.

Cerveny et al. (2007) give this temperature as -89.4°C in their Table 2, quoting Krause and Flood (1997), who gave the same value.

D-8 countries Countries:

  1. 13% population and 7% Land
  2. 10% population and 5% Land
  3. 08% population and 6% Land
  4. None of these

The D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation is an organization for development cooperation among the following countries: Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey.